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Bakonyi Law Office

provides legal advice and performs representation in litigation as well as non-litigation proceedings in the following emphasized fields of specialty:

Tax law, wealth gain proceeding
  • Tax consultation, tax planning, tax optimization
  • Comprehensive representation in the course of tax audits and other tax administration proceedings
  • Representation in the course of wealth gain investigations
  • Representation in front of the tax authority
  • Preparation of submissions
  • Comprehensive representation in front of legal remedy forums
Economic criminal law
  • In the case of economic criminal acts, representation and liaison with the authorities
Real property law
  • Preparation of contracts related to real property ownership transfer (sale and purchase, gifting, exchange)
  • Right of usufruct, right of use, and right of easement establishment, termination Matters related to adverse possession
  • Preparation of lease and use contracts
  • Termination of joint ownership
  • Condominium establishment, preparation of Articles of Association, as well as organizational and operational rules, representation of condominium rights Comprehensive land registry administration
Public administration proceeding
  • Initiation of court reviews of public administration resolutions, representation in litigation
International law
  • Management of the French legal matters of Hungarian clients
  • Provision of answers to questions related to the French legal system
  • Management of company establishment in France
  • Organization, monitoring of legal representation in France, translation of documents created in the course of the proceeding to Hungarian, continuous liaison with French attorney colleagues and authorities
  • Company establishment in Hungary for French clients, general legal counseling and representation in litigation as well as non-litigation proceedings, preparation and assessment of contracts
Succession law
  • Preparation of last will and testament documents and contracts of inheritance
  • Consultation and representation related to probate proceedings
Civil law
  • Sale and purchase, gifting, exchange contracts
  • Contracts establishing lease and use rights
  • Undertaking, construction, design contracts
  • Loan contracts
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Life annuity contracts, support contracts Contracts of agency As well as the management of legal disputes, warranty, guarantee and compensation matters related to the above contracts, furthermore taking the necessary measures in the case of a breach of contract
  • Divorce lawsuit
Corporate law
  • Establishment of business associations
  • Amendment of Articles of Incorporation
  • Comprehensive company court administration
  • Management of all of the company’s legal matters, even based on a long term contract
  • Matters related to bankruptcy, liquidation, claim collection
Trademark administration
  • Nowadays for the creation of a competitive image an elegant appearance is indispensable, which in the case of a company includes the trademark, meaning the company logo among other things
Implementation of public procurement
  • Implementation of public procurement, or - if required - to execute certain elements of the public procurement, legal aid for French bidder companies.

This is how we perform our work

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